How sails are checked at an event for compliance with the certificate.

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How are sails checked at an event (equipment inspection) for compliance with the certificate.



At an event the equipment inspector (measurer) checks a sail by placing it on the measurement grid with the head point and tack point on the vertical grid line. The clew point is placed on the datum grid line.

The following dimensions are then compared with the certificate values:

  • luff perpendicular
  • cross widths at 200 mm intervals up the sail
  • height of the sail above the uppermost grid line that the sail cuts
  • heights from the datum grid line to the sail foot

This process is described in detail in CR Section K. Sails with values that are the same or less than on the certificate are compliant.

If the sail is a reduced height sail it is likely that it will not have heights from the datum grid line to the sail foot that are compliant with this procedure. However Section C contains rules that apply at and event and Section C.8.1 (b) tells us that sails may be moved vertically when carrying out equipment inspection.