canada cup

International Ten Rater Class World Championship

The Canada Cup was presented to the International Model Yacht Racing Association in 1975 by deed of gift from the newly formed Canadian Model Yachting Association. The trophy was to be competed for every 4 years at an international regatta for the International Ten Rater class.

The gift was originally initiated in 1973 by the membership of the Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto, Canada. The Metro Marine Modellers formed the Canadian Model Yachting Association in 1974 with initially 65 members.

The first international regatta for the Canada Cup was held at Gosport in the United Kingdom in 1975.


9th World Championship TenRater53 Participants, 16 Nations
Biblis Germany 24.05-26.05.2018

1. Brad Gibson GBR (Trance)
2. Christophe Boisnault FRA (Kamsin)
3. Matteo Longhi ITA (Nioutaine)
4. Graham Bantock GBR (Diamond)
5. Rèmi Brês FRA (Nioutaine)
6. Marc Pomerade FRA (Nioutaine)
7. Yannik Rossignol FRA (Nioutaine)
8. Marc Alazia FRA (Kamsin)
9. Gerd Mentges GER (Kamsin)
10. Kirwan Robb AUS (Trance)


8th World Championship TenRater48 Participants, 15 Nations
Limone sul Garda Italy 01.10-03.10.2016

1. Brad Gibson GBR (Trance)
2. Graham Bantock GBR (Diamond)
3. Christophe Boisnault FRA (Diamond)
4. Matteo Longhi ITA (Kamsin 2)
5. Patrice Montero FRA (Diamond)
6. Marc Pomerade FRA (Kamsin 2)
7. Garry Bromley AUS (Diamond)
8. Yannik Rossignol FRA (Diamond)
9. Dave Potter GBR (Defector)
10. Nicholas Selves FRA (Diamond)


7th World Championship TenRater19 Participants, 6 Nations
Changi Singapur Malaysia 04.12-04.12.1999
1. Graham Bantock GBR
2. Phillip Playle GBR
3. Mark Denis GBR
4. John Cleave GBR
5. James Clarke AUS
6. Janusz Walicki GER
7. Christophe Boisnault FRA
8. Edward Robinson AUS
9. Wayne Fish AUS
10. Rèmi Brês FRA


World Champinship TenRater29 Participants, 5 Nations
Lake Bonney Australia 
1. Janusz Walicki GER (Partner2)
2. A. Robinson AUS (Boomerang)
3. H. Bell AUS (Scaramouche)
4. Frank Russell AUS (PsychoKiller)
5. A. Fish AUS (Phase4)
6. C. Clarke AUS (PhoeniIbis4)
7. E. Fisher AUS (BlackMagic)
8. P. Chisholm AUS (One)
9. I. Schmidt AUS (BadNews)
10. B. Edgar AUS (Lola)


6th World Championship TenRater31 Participants, 7 Nations
Viry-Chatillon France 

1. Paul Lucas FRA
2. Janusz Walicki GER (Partner)
3. Christophe Boisnault FRA
4. Peter Wiles GBR
5. Philippe Sol FRA
6. Peter Gernert GER
7. J.-L. Brillot FRA
8. F. Ciardi ITA
9. Gerhard Schmidt GER
10. C Biacchi ITA


5th World Championship TenRater38 Participants, 12 Nations
Gothenborg Sweden 

1. Janusz Walicki GER (Partner)
2. Peter Ebel GER (Karneol)
3. Lars Andren SWE
4. Gerhard Schmidt GER
5. Allen Gardner CAN
6. Carl Fagergren SWE
7. Peter Rutetzki GER
8. Gerd Mentges GER
9. Helmut Lupart SUI
10. Patrick Tailiez FRA


4th World Championship TenRater
Dunkerque France 18.07-25.07.1982

1. Pierre Jahan FRA
2. Barry Jackson GBR


3rd World Championship TenRater
Ottawa Canada 
1. Squire Kay GBR


2nd World Championship TenRater
Durban Republic of South Africa 
1. Squire Kay GBR


1st World Championship TenRater
Gosport Great Britain 
1. Lennart Akesson GBR