Template to assist measurement of Marblehead sails and rigs

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Template to assist measurement of Marblehead sails and rigs


Daniel Kohler (FRA) was seen using this simple but useful template at the 2016 Marblehead Championship in France. The design is by Michel Brun (do you have a CAD file please, Michel, that we can add as a download?).

It seemed to be laser cut or CNC cut from aluminium alloy. The dimensions of the cuts outs etc are used as follows:

900 mm radius - control of upper and lower regions of leech

105 mm - maximum batten length

40 mm - top width of pocket luff mainsails, mast spar cross section below lower point, combined boom spar cross section where two boom spars are joined, boom spar cross section within 100 mm of one end

25 mm - top width of mainsail that has a luff rope

20 mm - mast spar cross section above lower point, headboard width and top width for mainsail

13 mm - minimum bumper length

3 mm - minimum limit mark width

PLEASE NOTE - The 40 x 40 and 20 x 20 cut outs DO NOT imply that the mast and/or boom may be square sections in those regions. The class rules make it clear that the limit is on any cross section - a 40 mm diameter or 20 mm diameter are effectively the maximum sections permitted.  

M Measurement Jig    P1040043s